About the Artist

My paintings relate to the beauty and essence of landscape, revealing a spirituality to landscape and otherness that we take for granted. The effects of light, atmosphere and  light play  a central role in my work. The paintings evoke the wild landscapes of our coastlines and interiors and at the heart of my practice is an innate love of the outdoors and the responses to the beauty that exists all around us. 

By using my experiences and observations to capture a moment in time and by using energy and colour that is not of a particular view or place but that exists as a collection of visual prompts that have been observed from nature. I then use these elements to orchestrate my paintings and to work with natural elements in the landscape making pieces to highlight the beauty and integrity of my surroundings. Elements from within landscape particularly the wild open places of the Peak District and the Hebrides being particularly inspiring to me and I use these as a basis for exploration with many different medias.  Painting for me is a means of discovery of the landscape but through my own inner emotions and intuitive responses which often are completely different to my observations.