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Bring on Spring!

Well to say the start of spring has been a bright flourishing affair would be an overstatement if there ever was one! It has been full of dark skies and many many showers its become rather a sore topic for everyone. I hope you have found some brightness and enjoyment in the prospect of better weather coming our way!

My creative reserves have taken a bit of a dip recently and I still think it is completing two large commissions before Christmas that depleted my creative energies and that I'm still recovering. Also the weather plays an important role but usually the bad weather increases my productivity but this year it has been the opposite. I just know that by pushing too hard on myself to show up for my art will only result in work that lacks energy and inspiration so I'm quietly biding my time by working in my sketchbook whenever I feel like it and putting no pressure on myself.

I thought I would share with you a few images of places I visit and some plain air drawings that I have been doing outdoors so that you can get an insight into what I do. I hope you enjoy looking at them and bring on Spring!


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