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Evocative Times

Thinking about the relationship of our feelings to our current times, will we all carry some sort of association to the lockdown in the future ?

I was toying with the idea of how evocative my own arts practice is personally, I can relate a drawing or a painting to my mood, attitude, where I was on that particular day and to a moment in time. It could be that after two years or more I can look at an old sketchbook or piece or painting and be instantly transported to a moment in time when I was making that work. Sometimes it can be quite difficult especially if you were going through hard times, but these usually are the most important pieces of art as they prove that time has passed and you got through to become stronger and more resilient. Sometimes they can also give great comfort as you can remember the beautiful times, where every moment that passed when you were observing/drawing,making or painting there was a contentment and happiness in the moment.

So on to the subject of the current pandemic, I hope that you have been able to find something that has been helpful to you in these times of uncertainty. It could be almost anything that resonates within us not only art. For all of us it has been challenging times creatively as well as emotionally, it would be great to hear about how you have been coping and what helps you, and we may be able to share them to help others.

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