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Refresh & Renew

February - a time of renewal an awakening of the senses that's what I'm telling myself anyway. Where do I fit in this? Well perhaps at the very start of something coming into being, it's been a long winter and motivation has been at an all time low so I'm writing this for anyone who may feel the same. Perhaps I can boost your creative spark as well as my own in the process!

I recently had a coaching session with Kerry and her organisation called Brilliant Thing which helped to gain an insight into my yearly patterns of work and give myself the freedom and acceptance to let these patterns manifest themselves rather that fighting against them. This gave me permission to let myself have times when I just reflect on past work enabling me to plan and move forward with more confidence and a clearer mindset. Once the realisation that we all have ebbs and flows in our creative energy it opens the channels for contemplation, reflection and inspiration which in turn helps to re-energise our creative spirits.

I hope this might help you to feel more at ease with the feelings of low motivation and stuck moments in your creativity.

On the work front, trust your feelings, enjoy process and try not to think about anything being finished you may be surprised with the outcome!


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