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The Power of Nature

Its a time of reflection for many at this time of uncertainty and never ending news of this global pandemic. So many have been affected in so many ways the never ending supply of news and media hype as well as the threat of livelihoods has driven a sense of depression and fear in society. I wanted to try to give some hope and distraction from all the grief and worry that we are feeling.

For many they have already realised how important our countryside is to our mental health and wellbeing and how it can enrich our lives in so many ways. But now at this time it is even more important, as we have been using the outdoors as a means of therapy without really realising it.

Personally I would like to think that this will have been acknowledged by the people who matter and they take steps to make sure that going forward it is more important to our society. So many people have enjoyed the outdoors in new ways, have experienced it for the first time as a means of wellbeing that it is so important.

As you know for myself I use it to be creative and subconsciously a tool to help to calm the mind and the anxiety that everyday lives bring. During this pandemic it has become all the more important and something that has kept me going and helped my levels of anxiety and fear of the unkown. As the days have passed I have realised being creative for me is an anchor to which I have tethered myself, to help my anxious mind make sense of the world and everything that is happening. It is fundamental to my very being and of course something that I enjoy. It maybe that you too can use some sort of creativity to help you through this difficult journey we are all facing.


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