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Driving Forwards

I thought I would start this post with the statement 'Driving Forwards' as it relates to lots of things in everyones lives, whether it is actual driving - through to personal goals and pushing through a particular task. Obviously it means many things to many people but for us creatives it has particular relevance as it seems that we are always striving for something better or something new, does this play a part in your art making ?

To me it drives my practice as it's all about discovery and exploration and ultimately can end up feeling stuck as the materials override the actual subject matter. This is what I am grappling with at the moment and trying to work out how I can deal with it, do you have these issues? It maybe the abstract trying to push in as I work between the two and I want to have some obscure references to landscape but not let it go too far into the referential.

As you can probably see in the images I have added - there is that battle going on and I would love to hear if you have resolved something similar and how you moved forwards.


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