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Lightness of Spirit

I was looking through some of my sketchbooks and came across a piece of writing that I had written several years ago and I thought that it is very relevant today, with the pandemic and our feelings of loneliness and separation. It reminds me of the beauty in our surroundings and how art can be channel to bring to the fore our inner feelings and emotions and help to diffuse the stress we are all feeling. So here it is - as I wrote it then and I hope that you enjoy it, the drawings here were in the sketchbook and seem to strengthen the words.

Two kinds - a freedom of spirit a lightness of all that is human. Being without restraint of earthly times or timetables or deadlines who resemble an animal or a child who lives for the moment. The pleasure of the moment, who revels in the happiness of the immediate. Others find contentment in restriction, restraint and order, who can find happiness through planning and direction.

The person who touches life on the surface, never to be fully integrated in society but stands on the outskirts looking in, who creates a distance. Then there are those who cannot live without being inside society involved and connected.

"To float touching the earth and the sky, a fleeting feeling like silk on skin or the wind in you face blowing gently around".

"Calming and refreshing that summer wind, invigorating, strengthening and giving fresh life happiness and vigour".


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