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Long Live the Arts!

Anticipation or trepidation - which are you? The news is on everyones lips the end of lockdown - well, as we have known it for the last few months at least. The feelings and anxieties that we all have had for so long maybe at long last start to dissipate and we can start to enjoy some small things again.

I have found this latest lockdown the most difficult of all, the dark nights and cold weather have compounded my feelings of isolation and loneliness. Creatively it has also been a bit of a slow period too, feelings of negativity have filtered into my work making it difficult to be enthusiastic and motivated.

On the positive side of things I have sold quite a few paintings which has filled me with a sense of optimism and pride that my work is appreciated and given me a renewed sense of purpose. The whole time I have been thinking about places I have visited in the past few years and using them as points of reference and I am also learning about ways of working and processes that went unnoticed previously. Its amazing by just giving a little more of my time to concentrate on creativity has reaped so many rewards, not only artmaking but spiritually and emotionally too, it has given me the space to be myself and has surrounded me with the comfort, routine and stability that we have all needed.

If there ever was a strong argument that the arts is so important for our wellbeing this has been it, without the arts and creativity during the pandemic the world would have been a very sombre place indeed. Long live the opportunity to appreciate and engage in the Arts!


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