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'Stuck Moments'

Play and exploration in creativity and art play a major role, has anyone ever been thwarted by the feeling of being stuck in a creative block? Were you at a place where you felt stagnated and needed change to refuel your drive and inspiration?

That was me for weeks and I couldn't work out what I needed to do to change my thoughts and processes to get me back on track and feeling better about myself and my art. I was trying to keep plodding on with my work but the effect of that was just feeling worse as each day passed, it's not the right answer for me, what I have found out is that we need to refuel and be kind to ourselves, to refill our creative and inspirational reserves before we can move forward with more desire and promise.

I found comfort of reverting back to working small and on paper giving myself the freedom to play again, to take more risks and feel the excitement of not knowing the outcome. I have found that is a big driver for me as I am always questing for the unknown and the unpredictable results.

I know not everyone works like this and it would be lovely to know how you resolve your 'Stuck' moments.

Deciding to get out more and discover new sights, giving myself time to reflect on old work and think about how this can feed new work, then to slowly start thinking about how I am going to move forward in tiny steps has really helped.

Here are some of my recent paintings on paper.


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