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Time to Shine More!

I have just completed the very informative and enjoyable course with Alice Sheridan the 'Time to Shine' course, who also hosts the fab Art Juice Podcast. The course is a two week bite sized daily prompt to encourage a greater presence online and to meet other artists and creatives to develop their potential to show up on line. It is full of little gems of information for those starting their journey into being more present digitally as well as those who are already showing up online to refresh and learn new techniques to socially engage people. It really makes you think about what you are actually doing and where you want to go on social media as well as your website etc.

It's brought a greater sense of ownership and control over what I want to share going forward and helped me to break down barriers that I had unknowingly set myself. So for the last few weeks I have been trying to break these barriers and am slowly evolving, I can't say its a quick process for me but it has certainly made me think very differently about how I show up!

It's all very easy just to concentrate on making work as I love painting and being creative as it answers a need to be present and in the moment- but now I can see that things need to move on, to expand, explore and share! So watch this space and my social media pages and enjoy!


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