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Tips for the fallow days

Do you have times of Fallow? Where creativity and inspiration are hard to come by? For me it seems that this has been a continuous cycle over the recent months and it is as though I need to break free from some intangible chains that are stopping the energy and freedom I usually have. It's not to say that I haven't been painting, I've been pushing through but nothing seems to be satisfactory to me and all I want to do is strive for more.. For something else that doesn't exist in my work, that excites me and makes me want to move forward with fresh vigour and excitement as to what will happen next.

One of the ways I have been trying to break free is through working larger and longer on pieces, but now I'm going to start working on fast and loose on many pieces all at once and see what happens. Another way I've found is to change up materials and work with them in different ways and on different surfaces. So all these are my next plan of action! Just by writing this it has helped me to clarify my aims, so thats a good tip too if you are struggling, write about it and it can help to get ideas and formulate a plan.

Here are a few images of work that has been evolving over the last few months too.


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