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Winter Blues

As Autumn transitions into Winter the light changes into a deeper tone with a hazy and ethereal feel, the burnt oranges are slowly fading and replaced by the blue/black of winter.

For me it is a really inspiring time, I love the atmosphere that the weather creates and the evocative nature of other winters past. I use a cooler palette in my painting so perhaps this is the reason it inspires me so much to use this time of year as a stepping off point to create work.

Do you find winter inspiring? I would love to know.

Thinking about this the weather plays such an important role for me in all my work, far more than the subject. The wild wind can encourage exciting and energetic marks, rainfall is related through colour and tone and the heat of summer insights a brighter palette.

I will be releasing some new paintings very soon so do look out on my instagram feed @elashfoxart and my website

Many thanks for getting this far and I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a fabulous New Year.



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