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A Promise

Hope and anticipation are the words for January for me, the hope of the brighter days ahead being full of art, laughter, fun and the promise of an end to the pandemic. I think we all need to hang on to the promise of things to come..

It's the same with creativity as there's always tomorrow to start afresh or carry on with a process that is inspiring and pushes you to new realms of possibilities, bringing a feeling of excitement and achievement to the everyday. Every year we look forward to Spring and the bright, green days that are to come, it's almost a metaphor for life that there is something always brighter if only you look for it.

I've started on a new way of thinking about creativity and found Gareth Edwards and Kate Reeve-Edwards book 'Painting Abstract Landscapes' so inspiring, it has given me the boost that I needed to move out of safety and challenge painting again. Below are some images of that process.


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