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Are we Sharing?

Someone said this to me today about my lunch in a jokey way and it got me thinking..

As a creative I would like to think that I share my creative practice/ learning with others as a matter of course as anyone who is interested enough, as it helps others to learn and understand the process. As I also teach and share my experience and knowledge with others it's lovely to see others taking leaps forward in their development, so much so that it gives me the inspiration and drive to keep going myself.

It is such a shame when others don't offer knowledge and learning to others because they want to keep the 'secret' formula to themselves, I know this is a sensitive subject and obviously everyone has their own reasons for doing what they do. But it just made me think, do we share? Should we share? Perhaps

it is integral to me and gives me so much joy to see people get enthused and excited about making art, what do you think?

I have been busy in my sketchbook lately experimenting and challenging things that are out of my control, I've also finished one larger piece that has been on the go for a while so I thought I would share these with you. The drawings are mixed media using many layers to experiment with transparency & obliterating what has gone before until I am happy with the outcome.


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Thank you for this blog. It reminds me how grateful I and to you, and other generous artists, for the inspiration and spark you offer to my creative life.

Replying to

Thankyou so much Iv'e only just seen this and that is so kind of you, I'm still learning about this platform WIX as I have migrated my blogs to the same place :-) I hope that you will see my future posts and it is lovely to get feedback so Thankyou again.


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