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Colour Play

What is it about colour that is so seductive and evocative of many feelings and moods? Do you find that colour is integral to your creativity? Personally I'm always striving for colours outside of my capabilities and realms and the excitement of trying out new colour mixes is addictive. Even though they may never appear in my work it is something that I am on a quest to change. I have set myself a challenge to try out new colour combinations and experiment with laying of colour in new ways.

It has always been a key aspect of atmosphere in a painting for me and far more important than the subject matter so I am also going to challenge how I do this to represent what I want to portray. I am so used to using colours of comfort and reliability that I need to push outside of my comfort zone. If you find any of this interesting and have ways of delving into new areas I would love to hear from you.


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