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Art Thinking or Process?

Creative process - what does this mean to you? What's the connection between spontaneous creative process and creative thinking? Is there a connection? These questions have been milling around in my head for a while now as being an artist my work is based on spontaneity and intuition and they are a driver in my work, so there is a certain amount of managed detachment from engaging my brain when working. To me this is getting 'in the zone' to be able to work freely without any constraints as to what will happen but if you try and add creative thinking i.e rationalisation into the work it fails to be an authentic process.

Could this be explained by painting spontaneously and intuitively, that I am using my creative brain to make decisions in a detached way and is this classed as creative thinking?

Going back to the phrase 'Creative Process' I wanted to talk about the importance of this activity and how crucial this is for all of us as it dominates everything we do and without it there would be no artwork anyway. Have you ever thought about 'process' as being more important than the finished piece and how this is the part that motivates us to keep moving forward. It develops us as artists and ultimately the final outcome will reflect the enjoyment of experiences along the way. For anyone who needs help with anxiety or low mood can benefit by experiencing the creative process to distract from everyday worries and thoughts that can overpower us too.

When I try to rationalise these questions it seems to me that one cannot exist without the other and we are using both process and thinking simultaneously all the time, even consciously deciding not to engage fully with my art is a thinking process in itself.

I would love to hear your thinking behind these points and look forward to your comments !


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