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Beauty in the Everyday

Seven weeks into the lockdown of the Corona virus which has been circulating on our planet, the grief and sadness of people gone too soon is hard to come to terms with and our lives have been changed irreparably. It is because of this that myself and perhaps others have learnt to dwell on shorter spaces of time, we cannot think of the bigger picture because we don't know it yet. This is what led me to write some more about the beauty in the everyday and how it helps me to cope with the uncertainty we have all around us.

Because now we all have a little more time, I know that for me it is the smallest things as I spoke about in my last post that really help to create a sense of wellbeing and calm. As the trees and flowers come into leaf they are so vibrant and alive, such a contrast to whats happening in the world and it gives us all hope for the future. It really is inspiring and humbling to have this space in our lives to notice and sense the smallest details, for me as an artist it is a double fold opportunity to observe and record these small things that take my eye. As in my previous post I have been making a point of drawing something every day, it doesn't matter if it looks good as it is a focus to promote a sensitivity to my surroundings and help me to look and appreciate the beauty all around. Here are a few more of my drawings which I think are hopeful drawings...

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