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Changing Times

Have you ever thought about your lifestyle post pandemic? Has it changed to how it was before? My outlook on this has irrecoverably changed through having experienced such a traumatic and worrying few years it has led me to re-think my priorities and how to help myself focus on what what is important. It has also reflected in my arts practice as before the pandemic everything seemed it was all at full speed, but now I spend more time reflecting and letting things develop at their own pace rather than pushing forward to finish a piece quickly.

Its as though work I create has to go through many stages of exploration before it is complete, very different to what it was before the pandemic, I don't feel that pressure to churn out work and hopefully this has made greater resolved pieces. I would love to hear your thoughts on this as you might be completely different. I have been working in my sketchbook

far more lately pushing ideas forward and experimenting with colour and techniques and am starting to feel ready to push them into completed pieces. Wish me luck!

These are just a couple of pieces in progress.


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