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Four months into the pandemic and we are all getting used to the new normal of being vigilant about hygiene and distancing but what thoughts have been given to those who are struggling with fear and anxiety of our situation?

I have been thinking about this and on a personal note I can see that it will be a long time before we recover emotionally as a people from Covid 19 or even if ever. Starting on this sad situation is not really where I wanted to begin but its important to acknowledge what a vast amount of the population must be feeling, and I wanted to try and encourage the benefits of creativity as a means to help our mental health.

Over the last few months I have posted to my blog about my feelings and hopefully to help others to manage their anxiety about the situation with creativity and I hope to continue this for as long as it feels appropriate to do so.

So where to begin, well I have been busily painting and trying to keep to a routine of being creative as much as possible every day. This sometimes is difficult to do as I may not be in the right frame of mind, tired or stressed but these are the important times as I am taking my thoughts away from the everyday into a new place which can help enormously with feelings of anxiety. So my artwork has not particularly been going the way that I wanted it to but thats ok, because I have been rewarded by a calmer state of mind to be able to cope with these different times.

By showing some of my recent work though these challenging days it feels as though I am sharing my coping mechanisms and this will hopefully encourage you to to find something beneficial to your mental health.


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