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Writing here over the last months has been deeply influenced by the situation that we have all been part of and I suppose it's only natural that happened, so I want now to get back to what this blog is supposed to address. My thoughts about writing are a sharing of ideas, techniques, tools and process of making art, so this is a new beginning where you are more than welcome to add your thoughts and ideas so that everyone can benefit from being creative.

Sharing of ideas is so important to me as it helps others to get benefit from being creative and also how important it is as an outlet for the stresses and strains of contemporary life.

How has the last few months been for you? Creatively for me it has been a time of fallow, where I have found it quite difficult to be creative and I put it down to our experiences of late. Do you have periods of flow and then fallow? How do you get out of them? For me it is just to keep trying to work and push on through, also it's the inspiration that is lacking and that is probably because I have not been out exploring the landscape as much, this has influenced my art work by keep pushing for change and trying out different ideas. I have been trying to be more expressive and loose and hopefully I can push that further over the coming months!


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