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Daily Creativity

Do you feel creative every day?

I for one don't, there are days where I am too busy, also when I am too tired or not in the right head space or many things that get in the way. There's also the times when you actually need space from your work to re-evaluate what you are doing and take the time to really examine your process and ideas. This sometimes for me can be weeks dependant on all sorts things like inspiration, not enough time reflecting on where I am going etc.

BUT it ALWAYS comes back again. At one time I would have worried about this but now I know that we are not machines churning work out on a regular basis but highly sensitive to our surroundings and events in our lives. I just wanted to share with you these thoughts as I am sure there are some of you feeling these pressures and just be reassured that it will return.

I have included some of my drawings/paintings that I have been creating recently they are all on paper and I usually work this way when I am feeling depleted and just want to be easy on myself. I would love to know your thoughts on this and you can comment here or send me a message.

Enjoy your Artmaking!


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