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February Flight

I'm writing this on a wet cold day in the north of the UK, when all Spring optimism is as far away as one could imagine, but it's made me sit down and write something about the coming year and how the weather affects creativity. Over time the realisation that we are not machines who can turn out paintings at will has slowly permeated my arts practice, it's so important to let the phases be and understand that inspiration will return.

For me I am usually productive in the winter as the weather closes in my desire to work is increased, when the weather improves and there are many distractions and things to do they get in the way. This year is different I haven't been as productive as usual but I am going with the flow and being kind to myself allowing space for other things and sure enough it will return. I have enjoyed just working in my sketchbook and taking the pressure away from creating finished paintings and it really helps.

Instead I'm looking towards the year with a fresh optimism and excitement about what it holds from outdoor painting plain air, and new places to visit. I have added a few of my recent drawings/paintings so you can see the way that my work is going, I do hope that you enjoy them and I would love to hear your views on the peaks and troughs of creativity.


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