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Finding Ways to Succeed

Welcome to a new style of blog, I hope that you come along with me on my journey of art making and the trials and enjoyment that present themselves along the way.

If you are a creative person and enjoy manifesting this in some way read on..

Over the next few weeks I hope to share with you some little gems of information that I have accumulated over time that may help you to develop as an artist.

Firstly one of the most annoying things about making art is we all have these preconceived ideas about what we would like to create, we have a vision in our heads of the completed piece and really this is hindering progress. By opening our minds to new possibilities can really help to step up art development and understanding. Using creative play to explore and develop your dictionary of mark making without any end goal is one of the best ways to learn about materials, be surprised with results and have them saved in your memory bank of ideas.

These are a couple of small pieces I have been working on and you can see the process of experimentation and development through making marks. Trying out ideas and removing them if they don't work. I hope this tip has inspired you to try something new.


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