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I came by the word "Holloway" when reading an article recently and the word comes from the Old English language of the Anglo Saxon "hola weg" meaning sunken road. The author Robert Macfarlane, wrote a book about them with Stanley Donwood illustrating it. Holloways were originally intended for the movement of cattle through the landscape from farms to market or perhaps a route for pilgrimage, smugglers for contraband and various materials by cart. They are often in deep shade with the light filtering through the leaves and make for a beautiful walk on a sunny day.

The recent paintings that I am working on reflect the colour and history of these ancient paths and I have been trying to create the atmospheric and shadowy world of secret mystery.

This is leading to further research of these ancient paths and lanes and I hope to keep exploring the mysterious world of a bygone age.

Holloway 20 x 20 cm Oil on Cradled Panel

Safe Haven 15x15cm on Cradled Panel


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