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I haven't posted for a little while as things have been just well - a bit slow, or the other way of saying it is stagnant with a hint of apathy. I've been going through a sort of uninspired and humdrum existence over the last few weeks, have you felt like this?

The pandemic has a great deal to do with it I am sure, my reserves are running on empty and the tank needs replenishing with new sights, sounds and adventures! Its what we all need and lets hope that this will happen soon!

Working on my art through all of these last couple of months has been a real test to how important my creativity is to me, as there have been days where I really could have done nothing but have pushed myself to carry on regardless. One of the many things I have come to realise over the years is that there always comes a renewal after a period of difficulty and that if you push on through, things will come good again. So that has been my motto and I have stuck to it and slowly things are starting to feel better which is a relief I can tell you! Do you have these times of indifference? If so how do you deal with them?

I have been trying to get myself out and about and seeing new places as much as I can at the moment, which is helping and also not to dwell on the fact that I am in a slump of inspiration and it has really helped to get me feeling positive again. I do think working through it makes you challenge yourself and the materials you use to come up with fresh ideas and ways of doing things, what are your tricks?

I thought I would post some images from this period so that you can see whats been going on!


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