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Land of the Living Skies

A couple of my new paintings have been released and I thought it might be good to explain a bit about them and also I am curious about how other artists view the painting of skies in their work. More and more as time has gone on they have become really central to my practice and I love the fluidity of them and try to emulate the feeling they portray. I would love to know other artists approach the sky and the atmosphere in their work I wonder?

The first of my paintings, which has the title of this post 'Land of the Living Skies' I'm feeling is getting closer to how I see the sky and how the atmosphere plays such an important role, there are lots of things I would like to improve on and work on in further paintings but it is the essence of what I am trying to say. It's funny how just by writing this it can bring a great amount of reflection and understanding of my work and move things on. This painting is Oil on cradled panel and is

50 x 50 x 2cm and available through my website.

The second Painting titled 'Land Song' again is an exercise in atmosphere and the feeling of drama and the dreamlike qualities of light, as I mentioned earlier these pieces are developing and each one fuels the next one so I hope you will follow my adventures and enjoy the results! Land Song is Oil on cradled Panel and is 30x30x2cm available on my website.

I do hope that my post has been useful to you and I would love to hear your views on your own art making.


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