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Moments of Stillness

The moments of stillness... In these uncertain times around the globe we are experiencing a never ending torrent of news, information, great sadness and not much hope, the threat on our health and wellbeing is almost at breaking point. This is why I wanted to write something that may help in a very small way to bring you into the moment and appreciate what we have all around us and how it can help to calm the mind and help to relieve anxiety.

It is relatively easy to begin, all you need to do is stop and look around you, try to find something that pleases your eye, it could be your pet, a plant in your garden, your children or something that is precious to you. For me it is the outdoors and nature and I know that by being outside and listening to the birdsong, looking at a tree or landscape, it can immediately calm my mind and put me in a happier place. It is the time you take to stop and look rather than having a busy mind, being open to what is immediately before you and spend as long as you like just being you and letting the experience override anything else that you are doing. It really does help and as we have a little more time on our hands its the perfect time just to have a go.

I have been trying this out for a few weeks now and to help myself further I began to take a small handmade sketchbook out to record anything I felt like each day, it doesn't have to be perfect its just a way to distract oneself from everything else going on in our lives. It can be another good way to help relieve anxiety and stress and over the days you can build a journal of your drawings!

I have given you a few examples from my sketchbook see what you think. Maybe it could be something you build into your day too!

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