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Resourceful Art

Artists and Creatives - Do you think you are resourceful when it comes to creativity? It's a very broad question and one which can be interpreted in many ways. The reason I came up with this topic is that I recently fractured my dominant hand and have struggled with trying to make work with a cast on my hand. I have really missed having the freedom to do whatever I want to creatively and have had to channel some new ways of thinking and process. Obviously this is just one strand of being resourceful as we artists have to work with limitations most of the time, but just by having the drive and determination to keep going always reaps great rewards.

My hand is back to normal now and it certainly has made me appreciate being able to have the freedom to make art, its actually been quite a prolific time it must have been the break away and the drive to get going again!

My thoughts this month relate to the actual style of work that we create, do you stick to a particular style or are you ever evolving? I find that I have to keep moving forward striving for something else, something that I haven't yet discovered. That must be the joy of art - the little moments where we surprise ourselves.


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