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Autumn brings change, change we have all seen so much of for almost a year.

We have seen so much of our lives changed out of all recognition from what we have ever known, it has brought about an uncertainty in our lives that many had never knew and brought us into the here and now of life as it is. Dealing with the immediate, maybe is no bad thing, maybe its a little nugget of life that we all underestimate or do not take enough time to use it properly.

Everyone is guilty of it, we are too busy with whats next, rather than whats now and overlook small precious moments that can give joy and happiness amidst a rather difficult time.

Back to Autumn.

Thinking of it a a metaphor for what we are dealing with, we have to accept the change of the seasons as a given and think nothing more of it and embrace it for what it is. I think my own way of dealing with the pandemic is to look at it this way. We cannot try to change anything about the situation so its just a matter of dealing with what we have rather than what we miss, this helps to diffuse the anxiety that we feel and be able to allow change within our lives.

Having said all this its not easy, for me its just a matter of baby steps of letting go of what I can't control and allowing the positivity of what this period of time has given me. For myself I have used it to be more creative and allowed myself opportunities to learn in lots of ways that I wouldn't have had time for in the past, its the moments that are precious, simple moments that make you laugh or reflect on what you have that make this time as precious as any other.


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