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Soft Light of September

When you think about Autumn what comes to mind?

For me it's the soft light and the bright amber sunshine that is so reminiscent of this time of year, it fills me with a feeling of comfort and calmness that it is here again. Its one of the best times of the year for me as well as the bright warm spring days as they are so inspirational in my art making too.

I wanted to write a post about the exciting developments that have been happening, I have recently been given a commission for two large paintings which are taking up my time at the moment. The challenge that they have presented has all been positive so far and its so good to work on a larger scale than I have done for a long time, it is all so different and really enjoyable.

I haven't shared many paintings recently as I have been working in sketchbooks and on paper so I thought I would share some for you. I hope you enjoy them, some smaller paintings are available on my website under Work on Paper if you are interested and happy September!


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