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Soul Food

This month I thought it would be good to look into art and creativity and what it does for our minds and the rest of us for that matter! I am a firm believer that creativity can help us in many ways by helping to relieve stress, anxiety, and a host of other things, the same way as meditation does for those who practice it.

When you start to be creative in any way that you choose, the focus is on the activity in hand and your concentration and thoughts are totally absorbed by the process. It begins to free your mind from the everyday worries and issues you may have and be present in the moment where you are in control. So when we talk about the process being all important it truly is, its more important that what is at the end and its the satisfaction of bringing something of you into reality.

For me it brings a sense of calm which could also be described as a form of meditation, but it can also be very frustrating and can sometimes feel as though you are not making any progress at all. All these feelings are normal as we cannot progress in a linear way as it is in many types activity, like running you have your good days and bad days so its imperative that you don't give up but instead see it like a wave in the sea that will pass. The more you make time in your life for creativity the more knowledge, techniques and understanding you will have and then be rewarded with your work speaking volumes about you and your soul.


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