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Spirit of Place

A New Year a new beginning! This year like no other has been a turbulent and harrowing year for some and yet for others it has been a space to evolve in their own journey. I want this post to be full of optimism at this time of uncertainty so no more talk of pandemics.... for this post anyhow.

The Spirit of Place have you ever thought of this quote, what it is and what it means to you? Thinking about it in the creative sense for me it is about the feeling we have in a given location and that is a driver for my own creative journey, what other interpretations could there be? Having researched the meaning of - Spirit of Place it is defined as the tangible (buildings, sites, landscapes, routes, objects) and the intangible elements (memories, narratives, written documents, rituals, festivals, traditional knowledge, values, textures, colours, odours, etc.), that is to say the physical and the spiritual elements that give meaning, ...(

Have you ever been to a place that fills you with so much joy and appreciation of all that is around you? When you think back to how you felt at that place and afterwards do you get the same feeling? This is how I interpret the Spirit of Place, of course in a creative sense it is far more complex than my simple explanation as it has many facets and different viewpoints depending on the moment and the person. It could be anyone of our senses from smell, touch, sight, objects or even emotional sensitivity that reminds us of the Spirit of Place.

For me personally it is the visual elements that I respond to, the feel of the elements, the colours of the landscape and the light on any particular day.

It is such a huge topic of debate that I would love to hear from you about your interpretation of this statement. Please feel free to contact me through my website or here to air your views.

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