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Stretching Time

Have you ever thought about how your life is now during this pandemic and what it was before? How we have all been forced into some sort of separated world that has changed our lives and attitudes on the way we live? All these questions! I've got lots more! Seriously though I should imagine that there are a great many out there who have used this time to reflect on thier lives and make changes for the wellbeing of their lives and families in the future. For myself I know that time seems to have expanded and I have struggled with it whilst enjoying it too, it has given me the opportunity to reflect on things that perhaps were once overlooked and forced me to make decisions I would have put off before. The fact that we have all had to be more cautious and careful about what we do and where we go has also given me the ability to be more resourceful with my time and made me aware that I can also manage with what I have rather than spend money and waste resources.

On the flip side of this is having the time to enjoy the simple things in life, from watching nature change into its finest clothing has been a real joy, it has allowed a sense of connection with nature and wildlife on a deeper level. The time to share a chat with neighbours that we hardly ever spoke to before and the real camaraderie of sharing and helping one another is one that I hope will last into the future, it has been so comforting to know that others too have the time to converse and are willing to do so, rather than racing off to face another working day. These are all pretty simple things but have made a huge difference in peoples lives, especially those that live alone and long may it continue. As I usually do I have added some of my drawings that I have been working on during this time, which is my way of using all the extra time to be creative which in turn helps to diffuse the impact of the pandemic.

Do you think you will change things about your life when we get back to some sort of normal?


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