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The Way of Winter

Winter brings its own set of creative inspiration for artists, the raw, wild countryside and weather patterns lend themselves to new perspectives of a familiar landscape. Finding the new in the familiar is a welcome distraction from the winter blues and the harshness of the weather.

The light seems to play a very important role at this time of year, maybe its because we don't have much of it and we have to compress our outdoor activities into a short space of time that it becomes precious. This maybe why it becomes important in my paintings at this time as I want to capture the effects that are so fleeting, also there always seems more time to paint in winter as we are restricted by the light and become happy to be in creative hibernation.

My own work has been quite prolific over the winter and I have been concentrating on being spontaneous and allowing myself the freedom to follow a process of intuitive mark making and colour mixing, it has been so invigorating and thought provoking and leading to lots of fresh ideas.

What are your thoughts on your creative journey over this winter? I would love to know.

I have chosen these paintings as a reflection of my winter, what are yours?


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